Tortured by a dry cough?

There is an excellent ginger remedy that can get rid of phlegm and mucus in the lungs. In 400 ml of water, add 1 tsp ground pepper and 6 slices of ginger. Put the mixture on the fire, bring to a boil. Next, close the container with a lid for 2 minutes and turn off … Read more

Drink more water

An adult needs about 8 glasses of liquid a day. This amount includes all drinks and liquid products (for example, soups). But it is better to replace strong tea and coffee with clean water. Try to get used to drinking a glass of water immediately after waking up: this allows you to wake up faster … Read more

Eat more fiber

Add more non-starchy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber to the diet: grapefruit, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers. ✔ water and dietary fiber will provide a feeling of satiety, and low calorie content will not allow you to go beyond your norm. In addition, all of these fruits and vegetables are rich in … Read more

Three tips for your immunity

✔ Drink kefirThe living biocultures contained in kefir strengthen the immune system and prevent the penetration of infections. ✔ Do not cook vegetables in the microwaveVegetables cooked in the microwave lose 97% of their antioxidant properties. Eat vegetables raw or steamed. ✔ Do not overdo it with antibacterial soap and cleaning productsFrequent use of antibacterial … Read more

Delicious cough recipe

Tired of treating your throat with bitter pills and syrups? Then you can make a delicious mousse of cocoa, bananas and milk. Cocoa contains a substance that facilitates breathing and removes spasms when coughing. Whenever I get a cold, I make this mousse. You can be treated delicious. Mash half a banana. Add to it … Read more

Turmeric improves the condition of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver

The yellow substance curcumin cleanses the gallbladder, and the essential oil contained in it helps to increase the formation of bile, delaying the growth of bacteria. Studies show that turmeric is a hepatoprotector, protects the liver from the effects of toxic substances. ✔ it is especially necessary to use it for people with gastrointestinal diseases … Read more